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Triumphant Hall

Locate in first floor of Num. 1 Building, occupied 1000㎡, with the capacity of 600. Triumphant Hall also can be separated for two different halls as south and north. Decorate with the European style, gorgeous, splendid and elegant. If you had to choose a place to hold the wedding ceremony or the party, Triumphant Hall would undoubtedly be it.


Sea Joyful Hall

Locate in the first floor of Num.1 Building, occupied 319㎡. For the south, you can ejoy the beautiful sea view. Designed with the Jane European Style, luxury and elegant, meanwhile, it can be separated as three parts, 12 round table as maximize, or western style about 30 to 50 capacity.


Sea view Hall

Locate in the first floor of the Num.1 building, occupied about 270㎡, with a wonderful scenery of the sea. Designed with the Jane European Style, luxury and elegant, it can be separated as two pars, 10 round table as maximize, and Chinese hollow style about 20 to 45 capacity.


Yulan Garden

Yulan Garden is an outdoor lawn garden which occupied 1000㎡. It is located in the south of the hotel, just apart from the beach with one road. For the east, beside with the outdoor swimming pool; for the north, close to the foundation, surrounding with the Yulan magnolia and umbrella pine, Yulan Garden is where you can choose to hold the romantic western buffet, cocktail reception and friend party.

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